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Hair loss doesn’t have to feel like a losing battle. It can be tackled. It can be treated.

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With so many different stages of hair loss, we have a product suited to all. Select yours to begin your journey.

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How can I prevent hair loss?

Three words. Genetics. Age. Hormones. Male-pattern baldness affects 2/3 of the UKs population and as well as being psychologically distressing, it is also unfortunately unavoidable.

Our Products

  • Men’s Hair Maintenance Kit

    The 2 best known FDA approved products in 1!

    There’s no need to faff around with different tablets AND none of those horrible side effects you hear about in just Finasteride – we’ve made hair loss an easy ride. We call this the game changer and we’re certain you’ll agree!

    £29.99 / month Sign Up NowLearn more
  • Men’s Hair Styling Kit

    A breakthrough formula that strengthens hair and prevents hair loss naturally.

    A washing and styling range like no other on the market using a combination of powerful active ingredients that allow follicles to regain a healthy growth cycle. Look good and grow your hair at the same time. It’s a game changer and there’s some great science behind it.

    £29.99 / month Sign Up NowLearn more
  • Womens Hair Maintenance Kit

    A powerful combination of active ingredients and vitamins Proven to tackle hair loss and promote healthy follicles. Its a great addition to the pack to make sure your covering all the bases. We’ve made hair loss an easy ride. We call this the game changer and we’re certain you’ll agree!

    £29.99 Find Out MoreLearn more

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! All of our products are billed at a monthly subscription rate dependant on which package you choose.

Hair loss is stressful enough which is why we’ve made our packages straightforward and entirely affordable. Oh, and don’t worry about any hidden fees, that goes against our ethos.


  • Reduced hair loss
  • Healthy and happy looking hair
  • Rejuvenated roots
  • Improved hair growth

Where do I get started?

By being on our website you’ve already completed the hardest step – accepting hair loss – and to that we salute you. To continue your journey, identify which products are best suited to your current situation, begin your subscription and away you go!

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