The Link Between Hydration and Hair Loss

We’re constantly being told how much water we need to drink to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The number of bespoke water bottles on the market designed to encourage you to drink more water attests to that fact. It’s estimated that 75% of people don’t meet their recommended daily water intake. So how is all this dehydration affecting our hair and is staying hydrated nature’s own hair loss treatment?

Are You Dehydrated?

Knowing how your body reacts to dehydration is the first step to figuring out if you should be drinking more water. Dehydration presents itself in a myriad of ways. Perhaps the most obvious one is the colour of your urine. If your urine isn’t clear in colour, that’s an indicator that you need to drink more water. Another sign of dehydration is if you experience fatigue, even when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. If you feel dizzy or experience muscle cramps guess what, you’re probably dehydrated. Some studies have shown that your rate of hair loss can be accelerated by dehydration. So if you’re noticing your hair shedding more than it did last week, start your hair loss prevention regime, grab a glass and start drinking water.

Hydration and Your Hair

A common saying I’m sure you’ve heard a hundred times before is that 60% of our bodies are made up of water. So, why do people think that doesn’t include your hair? While hair strands are technically dead cells, they can still absorb water and nutrients from the body.  A lack of water can cause your hair to look less lustrous and in extreme cases of dehydration, can cause hair to become brittle and more prone to breakage. While brittle hair won’t affect the health of your hair follicle (the root of the problem when it comes to thinning hair) if you have a lot of broken stands your hair will appear thinner than it actually is. And nobody wants that. 

As with your skin, your hair absorbs water from the body. Think about how your hair becomes frizzy in humidity – this is as a result of your hair strands taking in water from the atmosphere and making them appear fuller. Making sure you stay hydrated can make your hair stands appear thicker which can disguise the effects of thinning hair – the ultimate hair loss solution.       

Our bodies are hugely affected by what we put in them so making small lifestyle changes like drinking more water can be a great help when you’re combating hair loss. However, if you’re making natural changes that don’t seem to be working, you might want to consider other treatment options.

The Dense Hair Club has multiple hair loss treatment options to help with losing your hair including our Densifying Spray which contains Finasteride and Minoxidil, the 2 best known FDA approved products in 1 – a breakthrough formula that strengthens hair and prevents hair loss naturally without the side effects. 

Hair loss can be tackled as long as you commit to your hair loss treatments and start acting now.

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