For Him

It’s time to take back what’s rightfully yours. The good news is that 95% of Hair Loss is treatable in men. The even better news is that you’re here and you’re doing something about it. 

  • Men’s Hair Maintenance Kit

    The 2 best known FDA approved products in 1!

    There’s no need to faff around with different tablets AND none of those horrible side effects you hear about in just Finasteride – we’ve made hair loss an easy ride. We call this the game changer and we’re certain you’ll agree!

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  • Men’s Hair Styling Kit

    A breakthrough formula that strengthens hair and prevents hair loss naturally.

    A washing and styling range like no other on the market using a combination of powerful active ingredients that allow follicles to regain a healthy growth cycle. Look good and grow your hair at the same time. It’s a game changer and there’s some great science behind it.

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