Men’s Hair Maintenance Kit

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The 2 best known FDA approved products in 1!

There’s no need to faff around with different tablets AND none of those horrible side effects you hear about in just Finasteride – we’ve made hair loss an easy ride. We call this the game changer and we’re certain you’ll agree!

What’s included?

His Densifying Spray

How to Use:

Apply 5 Sprays to dry/ towel dried hair and gently massage into scalp (we need to get the special stuff onto the scalp not just hair!). Once applied wash hand thoroughly and avoid getting hair wet for the next 4 hours. Thoroughly wash hands after use.

The Science


Lets talk hairloss! Androgenic alopicia (male pattern balding/ common hairloss) is usually caused by the miniaturization (shrinkage/ weakening) of hair follicles the long-term effects of this will result in complete hairloss (Yikes!).

What causes your follicles to shrink and weaken? Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a by product of testosterone and this is the main culprit.
How can finasteride spray help! Finasteride block the formation of DHT, this keeps your hair thick and strong or in patient who are experiencing thinning, it allows your hair to grow thicker and stronger. Getting you #Dense!


Without boring you too much, Minoxidil works by increasing the growth cycle of a hair follicle. This means that it directly stimulates hair growth and gives the hair a longer window to grow and thicken, end result? Full, dense hair!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects?

The beauty of topical finasteride is that its action is localised to the scalp (just where we need it!). This mean we can avoid the systemic risks of decreased libido or erectile dysfunction which can occur when taking the tablet form.

With Minoxidil, side effects are extremely rare. You may have to discontinue use of this medication of you have the following Dizziness, Fainting, chest pains, Irregular heart beat, abnormal weight gain, tiredness or difficulty breathing when lying down. If this is the case please consult a doctor. We are not trying to scare you these side effects are very rare!

Is it Effective?

Finasteride is shown to be 85% effective in regrowing hair in the matter of a few months. This is based on actual scientific evidence!

am taking finasteride tablets is the spray as good?

Studies have shown topical formulations to be just as effective as the tablet form without the risk of nasty side effects.

Is finasteride safe in the long-term?

Scientific study have shown that finasteride is safe to use over the long term.

Will it make my hair greasy?

Initially on application hair may feel a little greasy but this feeling usually only last for a few minutes.

Is it legal?

Yes! It is FDA and MHRA approved as a treatment for hairloss.

Can it irritate my scalp?

Some patients have reported scalp dryness and irritation, this is only in 2-5% of patients so I a nutshell its relatively rare.

How long before I see results?

Patience is a virtue! Best results from the use of minoxidil are seen after 4-6 months of continuous use.

Will it make my hair smell funny?

No, the spray is described as odourless.

I have noticed hairloss after starting the use of my products is this normal?

It is not uncommon to experience this. The active ingredients in the spray activate the growth phase of the hair follicles, as a result of this shedding can be expected for the first few weeks of using this product. Persevere, this is only a temporary phenomenon!

Can I still Style my hair After using the spray?

YES YOU CAN. Allow for the spray to settle and dry before doing so.

Can I blow dry my hair after applying the Spray?

YES YOU CAN. Allow for the spray to settle, use the low setting on the hair dryer.

Vitamin Gummies

How To Take:

Take one Gummie a day ideally with your first meal.

The Science

Hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. Biotin vitamin improves the Keratin infrastructure in the body. An improved Keratin infrastructure means Stronger healthier hair. It has also been reported Patient suffering with Biotin deficiencies are more susceptible to hairloss. In conclusion, if you are suffering with hairloss or thinning hair Biotin may help with regrowing hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects?

Biotin is a naturally occuring vitamin found in certain foods side effects are rare.

Are the Gummies Vegan friendly?

Yes they are.

Tried & Tested

All of our products are tried and tested so there’s no need to worry about any of those not so great side effects you hear. We pride ourselves on providing hair loss supplements that contain naturally active ingredients for your optimum safety and comfort.

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