The Best Hair Loss Prevention Vitamins

The Best Hair Loss Prevention Vitamins

So you’re experiencing hair loss and maybe you’re taking steps to combat it. You’re using a Minoxidil solution or taking Finasteride daily, but is there anything else you can do to support these treatments for hair loss in a natural way? There are a lot of hair growth supplements and multivitamins on the market but what goes into them?  Here’s why these key hair loss vitamins could help support your hair loss treatment.

1. Vitamin D

Recent research shows that a deficiency of Vitamin D could be a cause of alopecia (or hair loss) and that rectifying this deficiency could even cause hair to regrow. The great news for anyone looking to naturally support their hair loss treatment with Vitamin D, is that taking a supplement isn’t the only way to up your intake. Vitamin D is often thought of as the sunshine vitamin because our bodies produce it when we are exposed to sunlight. Getting more short bursts of sun exposure a day (around 10-15min each) could help increase your bodies’ levels of natural Vitamin D and help prevent hair loss.

2. Vitamin A

There is a fine balance to be found when assessing the benefits of Vitamin A to support hair loss. While studies have shown that a lack of this vitamin can contribute to hair loss, an overdose of it can undo its positive effects. Vitamin A is needed by our bodies for cellular growth, so it follows that a deficiency will not be good for your hair. You can up your Vitamin A intake by eating foods like sweet potato, kale and spinach. Make sure to consult your doctor before adding a supplement to your diet.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is nature’s wonder. This powerful antioxidant will help you with almost anything that fails. While not often thought of as a hair loss supplement, studies have shown that Vitamin C is extremely important for collagen production. Collagen is the most prominent protein in our bodies and as hair is almost entirely made up of protein, it stands to reason that having the correct levels of collagen will contribute to you having a healthy head of hair. As if that weren’t enough, Vitamin C also helps protect us from the damage caused by free radicals, which can limit healthy hair growth. Luckily, Vitamin C is arguably the most commonly occurring vitamin in fruits and veg, so upping your intake shouldn’t be too difficult. If you prefer a supplement, you can pick them up at any drug store or purchase them online.

4. Vitamin E

This one really is the wonder vitamin when it comes to hair loss. A study conducted in 2010 on volunteers experiencing hair loss, showed that 34.5% of them experienced hair regrowth after taking a Vitamin E supplement for 8 months. Vitamin E, like C, is an antioxidant and is great for promoting tissue recovery as well as general immune system support. Add more Vitamin E to your diet by jumping on the nut butter wagon; nuts and seeds are a great natural source of Vitamin E as are vegetable oils like olive or soya.

Remember to consult your doctor before making radical changes to your diet or adding a high dosage of vitamin supplements to your routine. All these vitamins are a great natural way to support a healthy head of hair however, studies show that the most effective treatments for hair loss are Finasteride or Minoxidil.

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